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Why not plastic? It's so convenient! (For a price)
  1. Plastic is made from Fossil Fuels.
  2. Fossil fuels production releases carbon.
  3. Carbon in the atmosphere keeps heat from escaping from Earth. The result is our warming planet:  melting glaciers, warming oceans, growing deserts, air pollution – the list is long.
  4. Plastic waste is a massive problem.  In the ocean, plastic waste and micro-particles are killing ocean animals.
  5. A growing body of evidence points to the health risks posed by plastic additives. These include endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs), which are linked to infertility, obesity, diabetes, prostate or breast cancer, thyroid problems and increased risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke, among others. Plastic micro-particles entering our water supplies are now detectable in every single living organism- including humans. They are even present in human placentas.
  6. The plastic industry knew that plastic would be very difficult to recycle successfully. In fact recycled plastic acts as an even greater health risk. Profit is a difficult task-master.
  7. Plastic pollution is HUGE in the third world, where much of our garbage ends up.

It’s up to us!

Join us in removing plastic from your life!! As much as possible!! 

Try for a Plastic-Free April!!


Instead of this...

Consider this!


Plastic fruit and veggie bags

  • Fresh fruit and vegetables sold WITHOUT plastic packaging (they exist! 🙂
  • Research where you can buy produce such as oranges, onions loose or in paper bags
  • Reusable cloth or mesh bags whenever possible
  • Brown bags for mushrooms available in major grocery stores

When fresh produce comes home , instead of reaching for plastic bags and plastic containers…

  • Put leafy greens into a casserole with a lid in the fridge- they stay fresh for up to a week!
  • Put them into the vegetable drawer in the fridge with a damp tea towel over them – they stay fresh!

Fruit and vegetables in plastic clam shells

  • Take produce loose in a basket or bag (summer is coming to Ontario!)

Plastic-wrapped meat/poultry /fish    

  • Ask for butcher paper (waxed, not plasticized) compostable, available at meat counter

Plastic-wrapped deli meats         

  • Ask for butcher paper from deli-counter

Plastic-wrapped cheese

  • Butcher paper at farmers’ markets, small shops

Plastic-wrapped bread, buns, bakery products

  • Where possible, try to buy in paper bags and boxes
  • Home storage in reusable containers or recycled plastic bags
  • Go thrifting for bread holders and bread boxes!

Plastic-wrapped rice, cereals, pastas, beans

  • Bring clean, repurposed and reusable containers to stores that sell items in bulk

Plastic-wrapped teas, coffees, spices, candy, nuts, dried fruits

  • Bring clean, repurposed and reusable containers to stores that sell items in bulk
  • Use refillable coffee pods- or consider trading a pod coffee machine for a different approach- a perk, a bodum…?

Plastic jar nut butters

  • Bring clean, repurposed and reusable containers to use where bulk sales are available

Milk in plastic bags (!) or in waxed cardboard cartons

  • Use returnable glass bottles – They exist!! For cream too! And chocolate milk!

Plastic tub yogurt and kefir

  • Yogurt and kefir are available in returnable glass jars

Plastic bottled juice

  • Reconstitute from can
  • Purchase in glass bottles from health food section/stores 

Plastic bottles for other beverages, including water (!!)

  • Cans or glass bottles
  • Refillable container with tap water
  • Check public facilities for wall fountains that can also refill water bottles


Plastic container dental floss, plastic floss, and toothbrushes

  • Dental floss and tooth brushes are available in totally compostable products — i.e. silk, plant based, bamboo

Plastic-wrapped toilet paper

  • Is available paper wrapped at grocery stores, and can be found as a bamboo “paper” product, paper-wrapped at some stores

Plastic shampoo, conditioner, body wash and lotion bottles

  • Bring clean, repurposed and reusable containers to stores that sell items in bulk
  • Use bar products (some are even palm oil free! Bonus!!)

Plastic cosmetic containers

  • Choose glass containers

Synthetic fiber cosmetic wipes (most of them)

  • Consider cotton wipes or re-using cloths and then laundering them

Plastic container deodorant

  • There are deodorant bars and creams in tins, both often palm oil free (bonus!)

HOUSEHOLD PRODUCTS (click to expand)

Plastic bottled laundry detergent/ pods and fabric softener

  • Bulk purchase using repurposed container
  • Laundry detergent strips, dryer strips, pods

Plastic/ synthetic dryer sheets

  • Wool dryer balls

Plastic-wrapped dishwasher pods

  • Tablets in plastic free packaging

Paper towels sometimes containing synthetic fibres and wrapped in plastic

  • Bamboo “paper”option , and/or….  Rags!!! No fossil fuel or trees involved! 🙂

Plastic bottled and highly synthetic cleaning products – liquids and wipes

  • Try rags and vinegar !! 🙂 Our grandmothers were so smart! And so environmental!

Plastic liners for garbage/compost bins

  • Compostable bags OR – put several sheets of newspaper in the bottom to hold the compost!

Plastic food storage bags

  • Repurpose resealable pita/naan bags, cereal bags, etc.

Plastic wrap

  • Parchment paper, wax paper, beeswax on cotton sheets or elasticized bowl covers

Plastic disposable tableware

  • Use bamboo cutlery.
  • Reusable plates for outdoors- Wash them! 🙂
  • Compostable or reusable cups/glasses for outdoors- Take them home and wash them! 🙂
  • Portable water bottles
  • Use stainless steel, bamboo or silicone straws.

Take out containers

  • Frequent takeout restaurants that provide compostable or returnable options – and tell the restaurants that don’t have recyclable options for take-out or left-overs that it’s time to help the planet!  🙂


  • Use washable diapers. There are wonderful terrycloth or soft cotton ones that go straight from a vinegar bucket into the washer 🙂

Bulk foods



Gentle Rain

No Frills


The Bulk Barn

The Little Green Grocer

The Local



Plastic recycling options

  • Sephora Canada accepts empty, cleaned beauty and wellness containers.
  • Gentle Rain Stratford accepts beauty products, candy and snack wrappers, coffee bags, dental products, Gillette products. No nail polish or polish remover.
  • Blowes Stratford accepts office supplies.
  • Illume Wellness Spa on Ontario are able to accept empty aerosol can beauty products in their Terracycle box (only thing is no nail polish or polish remover). Free if you buy the product from them, $0.10 if you bought the product elsewhere and bring it in.
  • Privately purchase plastics recycling boxes from Terracycle that target over 40 different categories of these waste products.

Other ways plastics and plastic (fossil fuel) chemicals enter our lives:

Pesticides, Herbicides, Fertilizer, bug sprays

  • Natural gardens maintain a balance, without the need for supplements

Clothing- synthetics, including orlon, polyester, fleece – (oh no!)

  • Natural fibres- cottons, wools, rayon

Plastic shopping bags

  • Use cloth bags!!!  Those bags for re-use that stores give you are just a heavier grade of plastic! Take your own cloth bags shopping 🙂