Climate Momentum is leading a march to end fossil fuels on Sunday, September 17., with the support of Perth County Sustainability, the Future Ground Network, and other environmental organizations. Our climate march is non-partisan. We’re not here to accuse anyone, we only want to express, in the strongest possible way, our support for measures to end fossil fuels.

We warmly welcome participants from neighbouring areas; please come and hold up a sign to indicate where you travelled from!

MARCH DETAILS: please use sidewalks only; no standing in roadways. Please be courteous to businesses, pedestrians, and visitors. We are building bridges, not walls!

We will meet at 1:15 on Sunday, September 17 for a sign making workshop at the Falstaff Centre, 35 Waterloo Street, Stratford. No plastic signs, please. Bring cardboard if you have it, but we’re also collecting cardboard (thank you, Gentle Rain Health Foods!) . We’ll  also have a supply of markers at the workshop, but if you have some handy, bring them.

We march at 2 pm, arriving at the front steps of City Hall at 2:30 pm. If you can’t attend the sign making workshop, you can meet us there.

At 2:30 pm we’ll gather on the front steps of City Hall. We’ll have a short round of speeches and music. It’s important to remember that this is not a protest march against any level of government. This is a march to express our support for actions that end the use of fossil fuels.


We are asking for the moral support of local sustainability organizations. Come, and bring a sign. Tell your members about the march. Add your organization’s name to the list of supporters, below.

Climate Momentum * The Perth County Sustainability Hub * Get Concerned Stratford * Wise Communities  * Tree Trust  * Cycle Stratford * Future Ground Network (the David Suzuki Foundation) *

Climate News

From The Guardian

From The Guardian

Extreme weather is ‘smacking us in the face’ with worse to come, but a ‘tiny window’ of hope remains, say leading climate scientists   Dramatic climate action needed to curtail ‘crazy’ extreme weather by Damian Carrington, Nina Lakhani, Oliver Milman , Adam...

September 11, 2023

For the first time since the landmark Paris Agreement was signed, the United Nations has published an analysis of the world’s progress in cutting global greenhouse gas emissions and finds that although the window for action is quickly closing, solutions are well within reach.
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