1. Welcome

Tony Barkley from Libro Credit Union (Stratford) discusses the services of a credit union, with an emphasis on how younger investors can begin their financial planning.

2. Introduction to Ethical Investing

William Orr, Vice President of Sales, NEI Investments, gives an overview of ethical investing, and explains why a boy who grew up in Northern Ontario mining towns wound up working in finance.

3. Ethical Investing Issues

ESG Issues (Environment, Social Governance)

This section explains how ESG investors rate companies, from both risk and opportunity criteria.

It’s important to remember that ethical issues cover a wide variety of topics. Climate change is at the top of the list, but ethical investors also consider air quality, water and wastewater management, biodiversity impact, as well as human consequences, like workplace fairness and safety, and human rights issues.

4. Responsible Approaches in Ethical Investing

Will shows how R.I. (responsible investing) can be difficult in a financial ecosystem of interconnected companies.

Can responsible investing help bad companies become good ones, and if so, how can investors determine where their investment should go?

5. Engagement in Ethical Investing

How investors can have an influence over the companies they invest in.

William Orr discusses NEI success stories, with an explanation of their yearly focus lists.

6. Impact of Ethical Investing

William discusses how responsible Investment firms measure the effects of their investment choices. What standards are used? How can an individual investor understand how it works?

7. Ethical Investing Q&A

Greenwashing: What are the questions that will help evaluate the financial advice of our own institutions? What are the questions we should ask of our financial counsellors?

What environmental knowledge and services can we reasonably expect from an investment counsellor?

What criteria are used to define ethical investment?

Independent assessment: what are the ways individuals can evaluate their own portfolios?

What is the performance of ethical investments compared to others?

Example of Suncorp: is there a way of investing in a company that excludes all the bad things they do?

Ethical Investing