Stratford’s Community Consultation on Housing and Homelessness: SAHA’s response

SAHA co-founder, Niki Andre, flags 4 major flaws with Social Services’ Community Consultation on Housing and Homelessness. Read excerpts from her response to the City’s summary of the public meeting, in this 4 part blog series

Part 2 – Requests for Community Land Trusts (CLTs) were omitted from the Community ConsultationSummary


Given that multiple SAHA members and supporters, myself included, were in attendance on November 23rd and that we advocated for the use of public land and property to create a Community Land Trust (CLT) program for affordable housing, I was surprised it did not make the list as a type of long-term housing missing from our community. SAHA has already collected nearly 500 signatures advocating for the implementation of a CLT program in Stratford. Our petition continues to circulate. You can find out more about how communities across the country are using Community Land Trusts to address the housing affordability crisis on our website: .


Here’s some recent national news coverage on the same: