Our Members

Our groups offer many opportunities for education, activism, and just plain socializing. Whether you are interested in a long-term commitment to an organization, or just want to drop in from time to time to help out, you will find something to interest you here.

promotes education for women, and is particularly active in advocacy in social and environmental issues that benefit all of society.

We also have interest groups (book clubs, e.g.), and our current advocacy concerns include Indigenous Rights, Long-Term Care, and Climate Change, focusing on Renewables and Recycling, and Eliminating Food Waste.  New members (or warriors) always welcome.

CLIMATE MOMENTUM works to support a community engaged in responding to the climate crisis and committed to achieving a carbon-neutral Perth County by 2040.

We hold regular gatherings (online during Covid) to inform and strengthen our community. We are particularly interested in fostering youth activism.

CYCLE STRATFORD is a club for individuals and families who enjoy cycling, for both recreation and transportation.
Our members enjoy many benefits: scheduled weekly rides, regular destination rides in other areas in southern Ontario and the annual Perth County Cycling Tour. We advocate for active transportation in the City and promote cycling safety events.

Caledon Rail Trail (left) & A Sunday Ride

G2G RAIL TRAIL INC. envisions the development and maintenance of a continuous, safe and fully accessible G2G Rail Trail Experience, 127 KM of linear, multi-use green space from the 401 corridor at Guelph to the shores of Lake Huron at Goderich. G2G Rail Trail is a natural, historical and culturally significant conservation corridor that supports community recreation and active transportation, promotes health and well-being and brings awareness to rural agriculture, heritage and the environment. Explore our opportunities to become a member. We welcome you to our family in advance!

is Stratford and District’s horticultural society. We work, learn and enjoy each others’ company in gardens throughout Stratford and adjoining areas. You can become a Garden Stratford member for just $15. Members enjoy speakers and workshops, and also receive generous discounts at several garden businesses in the Stratford area. And, when you find gardeners weeding, deadheading, pruning, or just pondering what to plant next, please take a moment to thank them for their efforts. They will appreciate it and, in an important way, you will contribute to the beauty of Stratford gardens.

GET CONCERNED STRATFORD supports the protection and enhancement of the unique character and natural environment of the City of Stratford and Perth County. We are committed to educating the public regarding development issues, and to continuing productive dialogue with community stakeholders, the City of Stratford and the County of Perth. Subscribe to our newsletter, or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


THE LOCAL COMMUNITY FOOD CENTRE serves low-income communities in Stratford and three surrounding counties, where 11% of the population is food insecure. Stratford also has a high population of seniors.  Whether you’d like to help out with the community meals, get your hands dirty in the gardens, lend a hand to the cooking classes, or set up the market every week, everyone can find a volunteer role at the Local. Regular orientation sessions are made available to those participating or interested in volunteering.


THE ROTARY CLUB OF STRATFORD has a very active Environmental Committee involved with projects both local and international.  Our Club has advocated for a ban of single use plastics, collected and recycled used PPE masks and gowns and support climate action initiatives.  Internationally, our club has built and shipped 1000’s of Aqua boxes around the world to disaster areas, providing clean water to those most in need. We have also purchased and installed eco- friendly cook stoves in impoverished Nicaragua. We are also members of the Environmental Sustainability Rotary Action Group (ESRAG) working with Rotary Clubs throughout the world in protecting our planet.

STRATFORD AND AREA MASTER GARDENERS are a group of dedicated gardeners who are passionate about helping home gardeners create sustainable and vibrant gardens. We offer advice, give public presentations and provide education at garden events.

RELEAF STRATFORD is our project for The Year of the Garden 2022. We plan to engage residents and groups to help us achieve a goal of 2022 native trees planted in and around Stratford. Native trees are much better at supporting pollinators and birds than non-natives; we are losing many large trees and need to replace them with ones that are better adapted locally.

THE STRATFORD FIELD NATURALISTS  share community interest in the natural environment of  Stratford and the surrounding area, and  support its conservation. Monthly meetings are open to the public, and have featured prominent speakers on topics of environmental interest.

We sponsor a program of walks throughout the year to study local flora and fauna. Members participate in scientific research by observing and recording species for projects such as the Christmas Bird Count, the Breeding Bird Atlas and the Chimney Swift Watch.

THE STRATFORD-PERTH BRANCH OF ARCHITECTURAL CONSERVANCY ONTARIO  is a volunteer organization founded in 2009. It aims to educate and advocate on behalf of heritage and heritage concerns. We welcome residents from Stratford and Perth County to join us.


STRATFORD-PERTH TREETRUST is a non-profit registered charity committed to identifying and preserving mature trees in Ontario, thus sequestering carbon in the roots, trunk, and branches of these trees. Affiliated with the Elora Environment Centre.

THE UPPER THAMES RIVER CONSERVATION AUTHORITY (UTRCA) is one of 36 Conservation Authorities in Ontario. Our area of jurisdiction – the upper watershed of the Thames River – covers 3,432 square kilometres and is home to over 422,000 people. Funded primarily by self-generated revenues and municipal levies, the 17 municipalities within our watershed appoint representatives to the UTRCA’s Board of Directors. The directors represent the local urban and rural communities, deciding policies and programs that will lead to a healthy watershed.