Every day is a good day to make a point

Every day is a good day to make a point

Every day is a good day to make a point

Every day is a good day to make a point

Picket for the Planet

Climate Momentum organized this collaborative protest in Stratford on September 24, 2021. Students rallied in Market Square, while small groups of supporters gathered all over the city to call for action.

Enthusiastic students got a friendly reception

Small groups of socially-distanced supporters were all over the city

They kept it up all afternoon

So did their supporters

September 8, 2021: Day of Action for the Planet

We made a colourful point

In the runup to the election, we wanted the federal candidates to listen

We wanted candidates to think about what's important

We are all dependent on our environment

We don't have a lot of time

We need to take action

Chalktivism for change:

On August 5 a small group of PCSH members were in Stratford to make the point that Canada’s largest banks are greenwashing their profits from fossil fuels. Mention this to your bank manager!

Stratford CFUW supporting the resurgence of native plants

The Stratford chapter of the Canadian Federation of University Women has a wonderful project to help local gardeners attract wildlife and pollinators. They  maintain a list of native plants and an index of nurseries that carry them, and they have produced an inexpensive lawn sign that explains the importance of native species in the home garden. You can order a sign through their webpage. Congratulations on a job well done!