pcsh retrofit project

Retrofits for homes: save money, fight climate change

Beginning work: inspectors, advisors, installers


Thanks, everyone, for volunteering to set up this list of references. It will probably change a lot over the next month or so. I’ll try to keep it as up to date as possible to prevent duplication of work.  If you haven’t signed up for an area yet, please volunteer through the contact box below.

I’ve started a list of questions to ask as we call round to find out about inspectors and contractors. Could you see what questions might be added to the lists below?

    For a complete retrofit to get to a net zero home, check out this website, created by an architect who focuses on net zero homes.


    • What areas do you cover? References?
    • (Qualifications: AESP  IEMA
    • Practical experience?
    • Certification?
    • What is the timeline for an inspection?
      –do you have to have the same person do the beginning & end inspections? How full is your schedule?–Timeline on grants?–new grants upcoming?
    • Do you recommend any books/pamphlets/websites to help people learn about retrofitting their home?
    • What information should a client have ready when you come to inspect their home?
    • What is it that people commonly misunderstand about a home inspection?


    • What areas do you cover? References?
    • Qualifications
    • Do you have experience with heat pumps/radiators/radiant floor heating? If not, can you recommend someone who does?
    • Timeline. Do you have a long waiting list? How fast can you perform the work?
    • What problems have you encountered with installation?
    • Is there something you would like customers to know before they call?

    Preparing for the project

    Perth County resources

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    Building Knowledge, based in Cambridge, is good for energy modelling. From this modelling you can design the building envelope to hit your energy goals. The main focus is on air tightness and insulation.

    Trevor Trainor is a Building Science consultant. He's typically hired by an architect to consult on projects. He will perform Blower Door tests and inspect the membrane installation to make sure it’s airtight.

    If you are interested in further reading on Net Zero Homes, try these links: EcoHome,

    Green Building Advisor --this one is in California.

    and Fine Home Building - U.S. Periodical

    Province-wide: larger companies

    Multiple assessors

    job title, , qualifications

    Energy Wirx is a large company.

    Multiple assessors

    job title, Energy Werx, qualifications

    Amerispec is a large company

    Multiple assessors

    job title, Company, qualifications

    Kitchener https://www.aireonekw.ca/

    Cambridge Barrie, London


    job title, Aire One, qualifications

    Getting down to work

    Heat Pumps

    The following businesses based in Stratford install heat pumps:

    Dave Davies 519-271-1046 (Sean Davies is the expert)
    Reliance Home Heating 519-271-3630
    Brown Heating and Cooling 519-271-1723
    Buchanan and Hall 519-271-4793

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    The following businesses install solar panels locally:

    Arcadian Projects in New Hamburg 519-804-9697
    Solar Dynamics in Kitchener 519-745-3426
    Top 10 Best Solar Installation Near Stratford, Ontario
    This link is just from google…

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