If you attended the Climate Momentum event at the Parlour Inn on Tuesday, you were in for a treat. Tova Davidson, Executive Director of Sustainable Waterloo Region, gave an informative, inspiring, and very funny talk on how a sustainability perspective can increase profits for industry. We’re including a clip of it here, and you can find the complete recording on YouTube.

If you don’t happen to be a captain of industry, you’ll still find a lot to think about in Tova’s talk. A sustainable approach can benefit us all, and you’ll also learn more about how Sustainable Waterloo Region can help us here in Perth County,

 Bill James-Abra of Climate Momentum will join us at our Zoom meeting this Tuesday, February 13 to discuss your reactions to the video, and perhaps to explore possible connections with SWR.

We hope to see you then for a discussion of this any any other topics you’d like to discuss.  If you are subscribed to our newsletter you will receive the Zoom link to the meeting by email on the Monday; if you would like to subscribe, please use this link. To receive the link without subscribing, please write us.