The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it     Robert Swan

Poster for Stratford's Green Recognition Program. learn about it at




Will you recycle your lawn sign, or are you saving it for the next election?

If you’d like to recycle your sign, please e-mail us, and include your address.; we’ll pick it up.

SDSS Eco Club’s community garden


On November 8 Ryan Erb, Executive Director of Perth Huron United Way, gave a rousing talk on housing in Stratford. He talked about the state of homelessness, supportive housing, and how all sectors of Stratford’s housing market should fit together.  He also told us about some EXCITING NEW PROJECTS..

Later that evening, Jason Davis spoke about new alternatives for affordable housing when he attended the Community Land Trust Summit in Toronto last month. He has some EXCITING NEW IDEAS on housing,

We filmed both talks, and you can see them on our housing page.

Stratford Affordable Housing Alliance (SAHA)

  • What’s the difference between affordable and attainable housing?
  • Do short-term rentals have a role in housing affordability?

  • Are community land trusts a good option for creating/maintaining affordable hosting in Stratford?

  • What can we do to advocate for truly affordable housing?

Earth Day: April 22

Getting started with heat pumps

This video answers questions for those who are starting out their heat pump homework.The Canadian Climate Institute has created this handy tool to help you compare the cost of heat pumps to other home heating and cooling options in five cities across Canada. You can learn more in their report, Heat Pumps Pay Off: Unlocking lower-cost heating and cooling in Canada. Click on the image to get started.

Tova Davidson: a sustainable business can be more profitable.

If you attended the Climate Momentum event at the Parlour Inn on Tuesday, you were in for a treat. Tova Davidson, Executive Director of Sustainable Waterloo Region, gave an informative, inspiring, and very funny talk on how a sustainability perspective can increase profits for industry. We're including a clip of it here, and you can find the complete recording on YouTube. If you don't happen to be a captain of industry, you'll still find a lot to think about in Tova's talk. A sustainable...

Green Recognition Program – time to apply!!

Here is the link to apply for the Green Recognition Program:  The intent of the program is to promote sustainable practices within the city, and highlight the conscious efforts made by community members to contribute toward our collective carbon reduction goals. This year we have added another category to the mix, which is intended to showcase the tourism sector. Categories for participation are as follows: Waste Reduction and Management Electrification and Energy Management Green Building...

Share your story!

The Cost of Housing — Share Your Story!     The United Way wants to hear the stories of Perth and Huron residents. How has the rising cost of housing affected you? What have you done to cope? This anonymous survey takes approximately 7 minutes to complete.   Take the Survey   Read more here: If you have any questions, please email