The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it     Robert Swan


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The Stratford Affordable Housing Alliance held their first COMMUNITY LAND TRUST INFORMATION MEETING on May 2024. Here is the first recording from that meeting:






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Niki Andre on affordable housing

Still confused about the definitions of affordable and attainable housing? You're not alone. In this interview with on Stratford Today, Niki Andre of SAHA explains to Peter Maranger why a Community Land Trust is the best solution for fair housing.

CFUW guide to freedom from plastics

The Stratford chapter of the Canadian Federation of University Women has written a guide for drastically reducing the use of plastics. Produced initially for Earth Month, the guide is thoughtfully set out to show alternatives to plastics use.   Read/download the guide here


The Perth County Sustainability Hub will offer a $100 prize for the photo that best illustrates an answer to at least one of the questions below. Ontario is losing 350 acres of prime farmland every day, and food prices are skyrocketing. What food gardening solutions are available to dwellers of apartments, housing units or condos? Can an apartment garden provide food AND be attractive? Can you grow enough food in a balcony/deck/patio to make it worth while? Must we choose between having a...

Getting started with heat pumps

This video answers questions for those who are starting out their heat pump homework.The Canadian Climate Institute has created this handy tool to help you compare the cost of heat pumps to other home heating and cooling options in five cities across Canada. You can learn more in their report, Heat Pumps Pay Off: Unlocking lower-cost heating and cooling in Canada. Click on the image to get started.