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The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it  –Robert Swan

On September 17, 2023, a coalition of Stratford groups marched to call for an end to fossil fuels. Climate Momentum, The SDSS Eco-Club, The Perth County Sustainability Hub all worked together, with the support of the Future Ground Network.

A special thanks to Loreena McKennitt, who provided us a warm and dry sign-making workshop, away from the pelting rain!


Future Ground Conference at Humber College

Future Ground Conference at Humber College

Jane Marie Mitchell attended the Suzuki Foundation's Future Ground Network Conference on May 27.  She came back with many connections and much news and information that she will share at our next working meeting in August. We are so grateful to the Suzuki Foundation...

Will you recycle your lawn sign, or are you keeping it for the next election? Let us know.


If you’d like to recycle your sign, please e-mail us, and include your address.; we’ll pick it up.



On November 8 Ryan Erb, Executive Director of Perth Huron United Way, gave a rousing talk on housing in Stratford. He talked about the state of homelessness, supportive housing, and how all sectors of Stratford’s housing market should fit together.  He also told us about some EXCITING NEW PROJECTS..

Later that evening, Jason Davis of the Stratford Affordable Housing Alliance spoke on what that group learned about new alternatives for affordable housing when they attended the Community Land Trust Summit in Toronto last month. He has some EXCITING NEW IDEAS on housing,

We filmed both talks, and you can see them on our housing page.



The Stratford Affordable Housing Alliance

is looking for voices to sing out about the housing crisis. It’s fun, it’s fast (only takes an hour) and it’s so important for our community! Learn more on their page, or  Write them to volunteer.

  • What’s the difference between affordable and attainable housing?
  • Do short-term rentals have a role in housing affordability?

  • Are community land trusts a good option for creating/maintaining affordable hosting in Stratford?

  • What can we do to advocate for truly affordable housing?



BILL 23: Rally in Kincardine

The neighbours are doing great!

Read about Bill 23 rallies on this page.

If you know of neighbouring groups working on land use issues, please let us know!

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Family of beavers makes home in Stratford

Family of beavers makes home in Stratford

A family of beavers has moved to Stratford.  The neighbours are delighted, and the muskrats are overjoyed! But time is short for this family, because Environment Canada plans to trap and kill them. The beaver is recognized as a keystone species in Ontario. Like the...

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