Safe Haven Perth

PCSH is grateful for the support of ally organizations in Stratford and Perth County

Because Sometimes Homelessness Happens

Safe Haven is a nonprofit organization. We connect eligible compassionate homeowners, who are willing to open their doors, and offer a spare room to someone that is newly homeless. This solution to the growing tragedy of homelessness is reaching people before the dark progression of hopelessness takes root. Our mission is to create a welcoming and inclusive experience through a Homesharing Program.

Our aim this winter (2023) is to invite “hosts” who would be willing to open their homes to individuals who are in need of temporary transitional housing. Their homes would serve as a safe and peaceful roof over their heads until such time that they are able to secure permanent housing on their own. 

In phase 2 (2024) we aim to establish policies and procedures to enable Safe Haven Perth to provide independent living accommodations in the form of a permanent shelter (for example, tiny homes, all-season trailers). Sobriety and codes of conduct would be expected to be adhered to by supervising individuals of the organization. Safe Haven Perth may operate as a nonprofit where we will seek financial support from local businesses, churches, individuals, and relevant non-profit grants.