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Retrofits for homes: save money, fight climate change

Retrofits for tenants and landlords

This page is a DRAFT. We’re just getting started, so there’s not as much here as on some of the other pages. If you’re a Perth County renter or landlord, please let us know what kind of information you’re looking for.


Begin by learning your rights as a tenant.



What are the benefits available to landlords who upgrade their property?

What are the obligations of landlords?

What regulations apply?

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Information  below should be entered if it applies to landlords and tenants. In other words, if it’s about how a heat pump works, that goes on the home retrofits page. If it’s about how a heat pump should be installed in a multistorey apartment, or if it talks about ev charger regulations for landlords, it goes here. If you mention a loan/grant, it should be linked to the financial page, so we keep all that in one place.

Unless you think that’s confusing? All of this can be changed. It will be easier once we put it together.


See this record of presentations on  tenant rights in Ontario provided by Acorn, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now. Although they have no chapter in Perth County, there are chapters not too far aay in Toronto and London.

Tenant and Landlord Guide

London’s TENANT AND LANDLORD SUSTAINABILITY GUIDE provides a wealth of information on how to live more sustainably and save money at the same time.

Heating and cooling


Smart home

Quick and easy

rugs/drapes/window insulation

EV chargeers / battery storatge



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