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We are a group of individuals and organizations working for a sustainable future. We have many goals in common, and we believe that by combining our skills and resources we become more than the sum of our parts. We welcome representatives from community groups in Perth County who are working towards environmental, social, and economic sustainability, as well as individuals who want to learn more. If you are concerned with habitat protection, park and heritage preservation, food security, housing and transportation reform, legislative reform, Indigenous perspectives, sustainable approaches to farming and business, or any project that connects with sustainability, please consider joining us.

The PCSH is a point of connection for all member groups We are building a resource for our community, and we meet regularly to share stories of our challenges and our successes. We hope, too, that collaboration between member groups will allow each of us to identify priorities and prevent duplication of time and effort.

The PCSH welcomes individuals – The Sustainability Hub welcomes individual members. Whether you’re looking for a way to find others with like interests, wanting to learn more about member organizations or wanting to participate on a continuing (or on a one-issue-only) basis, there are many opportunities through PCSH.

The PCSH is a resource for our communities – A major goal of the Sustainability Hub is to build community through publicizing events and activities of member organizations. We want to grow public awareness and encourage participation in our member groups, and we also hope to help identify funding and other opportunities.

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Are you interested in joining one of our member groups, attending an event, or volunteering at an action? Take a look our Members’ Page.

Click on any group information box to be directed to their website, and you can reach out to them directly.

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Perth Count Sustainability meets the second Wednesday of every month, by Zoom. Our meetings are informal, and sometimes members give presentations on what they’ve been doing. If you’d like to be on the invitation list, please use the contact form below to add your name.

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Help us learn about our neighbours.

Citizen sustainability organizations are popping up all over Ontario. We are building a list of organizations and finding out what they are getting up to. See the list here, and if you have information that belongs on our page, please let us know through the contact form below

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If you’d like more information about the Perth County Sustainability Hub, or have more general questions, we’d love to hear from you!

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