Transportation petition and survey


Our petition is very simple. It’s designed to let members of Council know that they have our full support in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and providing us with a safer and healthier transportation environment.

Here is the complete wording:

Our climate change plan revealed that transportation causes 34% of Stratford’s greenhouse gas emissions. Dealing with this problem is a pressing necessity.  We urge you to prioritize the recommendations of the Climate Change Coordinators to reduce Stratford’s emissions.

Email us to support the petition.


You can find the survey here: TRANSPORTATION MASTER PLAN – SURVEY  


Here are some ideas and suggestions for filling out the survey. If we’ve missed anything, please let us know.

1. Define verifiable greenhouse gas reduction goals for each stage of the project. Set goals for achieving a 80% modal share for active transportation (walking, biking, transit)

2. Consider the natural environment. Roadside space for native trees reduces city temperatures in hot weather and provides habitat for wildlife. Lowering the intensity of street lights saves birds lives. Permeable concrete reduces harmful runoff. Road salt alternatives should be used.

3. Research should be done on emerging technologies. The landscape is changing, and we will not be well served by old ways of thinking.

4. Work on alternative solutions that reduce the demand on infrastructure. Consider rental and bike loan services.  Establish what savings the City would see through grants to individuals for e-bike purchase. Look for creative solutions in tourism transportation: what have other tourist cities done to curb vehicle use?

5. Facilitate active transportation:
* Create protected bike lanes within the city and paths that connect the inner city with outlying areas to provide a safe complete journey for riders
* App-driven transportation scheduling.
* More resting places for foot traffic (park benches, bus shelters, etc.)
* Work with other cities and the provincial & federal government to improve and increase train service to other communities
* Include sidewalks and bike lanes in new neighbourhoods

6. Install Level 3 charging stations for electric vehicles, as advised in as advised in the Climate Change Coordinator’s Greenhouse Gas Reduction Plan.

7. Transition to free public transit and an electrified system. This will bring increased ridership, more green jobs, and a major reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

We encourage everyone to help the City learn about our views on their upcoming review of our 20-year transportation plan. The survey doesn’t take much time, and you’ll be doing your community a great favour.