Stratford’s Community Consultation on Housing and Homelessness: SAHA’s response

SAHA co-founder, Niki Andre, flags 4 major flaws with Social Services’ Community Consultation on Housing and Homelessness. Read excerpts from her response to the City’s summary of the public meeting, in this 4 part blog series

Part 3 – Where’s our Housing Needs Assessment?: We need metrics

I repeat this feedback raised, at the Community Consultation, by a number of participants: While approximate  numbers re how many people are served annually by each of the 4 housing service “streams” were provided, upon (my) request, we need accurate data on how many residents actually need those supports and services (vs how many residents receive them), in order to meaningfully comment on how funds from our $3 000 000 budget should be allocated.  Also, how large is the funding shortfall for meeting Stratford’s housing services needs?


How and where can the public access a comprehensive Housing Needs Assessment for the City of Stratford? Why wasn’t this referenced in the public meeting on Nov 23rd?