A family of beavers has moved to Stratford.  The neighbours are delighted, and the muskrats are overjoyed!

But time is short for this family, because Environment Canada plans to trap and kill them.

The beaver is recognized as a keystone species in Ontario. Like the last stone that locks in place all other stones in an arch, the beaver helps make an ecosystem strong and stable, maintaining the  habitat for many other plants and animals.  Stratford’s beaver dam has already created a mini wetlands area, benefitting other species, but it has also raised water levels.


Environment Canada (EC) runs a water level monitoring station at Line 111 and the Avon. As a result of the dam, the water level data has been inconsistent. EC reports the level data to the Local Conservation Authority, who until the recent changes in Doug Ford’s Bill 23, were responsible for the wetlands and the entire watershed.

Environment Canada hired a local trapper, who in turn placed underwater traps to kill the beavers. He has now left the area, but we do not know if he successfully killed them.

There are ways to mitigate the slight rise in water levels caused by the beavers’ dam. One way is to provide hidden drainage through a fake log (called a beaver deceiver) to prevent water from exceeding acceptable levels. Arguments were being made to Environment Canada, but we don’t know if they were successful.

We did contact the Conservation Authority (they were unaware of EC’s plans), the City of Stratford (also unaware), and the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, also unaware. Also spoke with our MP’s office (John Nater) as it is a federal matter. They were unaware.

Trapping Beaver is permitted in Ontario, with the permission of the land owner.

If you would like to contribute your thoughts on beaver removal to Environment Canada, the contacts are below. The comments section for this post is also open, also below.





1 800-622-6232

The EC Supervisor is Alton Stead, and his number is 905-317-1912. Social media contacts are linked below.