by Jane Marie Mitchell


There are a number of types of insulation to choose from to slow and reduce heat transfer and ultimately reduce heating and cooling costs by an average of 15%.

To make things difficult, there are many types of insulation.  They include insulation board, insulation rolls, blanket batts,  multifoil insulation, acoustic insulation, foam board or rigid foam panels, spray foam, loose fill cellulose, structural insulated panels, insulating concrete forms, concrete block insulation, Rockwool and eco-friendly alternatives like straw, recycled denim, sheep’s wool, cork and cellulose.

If you are replacing your own insulation, please read up on the dangers and how to protect yourself while doing so (some information on this page, that is USA based but well worth reading). More information from the Home Depot includes a R-Value chart for Ontario.

Plan a visit or call the Residential Energy Efficiency Program (REEP House): You can find out a lot of information and do a virtual visit at Reep Green Solutions, an environmental charity that helps people live sustainably.  They have an exposed wall showing different types of insulation and a virtual tour on the home page.  Great place to learn about sustainability.

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