by Anna Stratton

We purchased a Frigidaire Gallery Induction Range 2 years ago now from Needles Appliance.  It was on sale for about $1700 Canadian – Needles will match any price found anywhere else.   I looked up our range and it has been discontinued as have similar models by Frigidaire and I see that prices have almost doubled from what they were.  I am attaching a file for as close a model as I could  find to what we got and Frigidaire is listing at $3,000.

I have just been researching induction ranges in US with my daughter in law there and in the US, the prices are even higher than they are here and there are big supply chain issues for the ranges.  However, it would appear that induction stove tops which then are combined with a standard range are easier to get.

What I would say overall is that we are thrilled with the induction range.  The power is easy to control, the heating is immediate as is the lowering of temperature.  It makes boiling a kettle of water really quick.  The cooking is even and when it is off, it goes off immediately. We do not miss our fossil gas stove at all.  I don’t miss checking at night to make sure it is off and I don’t miss the smell of gas that one gets every once in a while.

The oven itself is standard, but it has convection and also functions as an air fryer, so it is a very useful unit.

The only drawback initially was that we had to buy new cookware as ours was too old for induction use.  Most new pans are useable on induction ranges.

As far as savings in the gas, it’s hard to tell as at the same time as we got the stove we got a heat pump to go with our fossil gas furnace – overall though our gas consumption has gone down by about 60% with these two appliances.  We still have a fossil gas hot water on demand system.

The biggest points for me are the efficiency and ease of cooking on the induction, but most importantly to be off a fossil gas cooker and to eliminate the toxins which come off of these stoves and we breathe in.

I hope that’s helpful – happy to answer any questions and do a demo here if anyone interested.

PS – I have also included below the link the Needles site – it looks like they do still have the range we purchased, although the price is about $3,200.